Reasons To Hire A Office Cleaning Company

The office is a key component to a successful company. This is where leaders, team members and other office professionals congregate and work. Keeping the workspace organized and hygienic is a simple (sometimes not so simple) step that is commonly overlooked by company executives. Down below, i’ve laid out some reasons for why its important to keep your office clean by hiring a commercial cleaning company.

Office Cleaning Services in Phoenix AZ

1. Cleaning Equipment

You would think that if you wanted to keep your office clean, you could just grab your everyday broom and vacuum and get to work, Right? Wrong. Industrial buildings and commercial offices typically get more traffic then any residential household will. Because of this you will encounter more dirt, dust, grease and other grimy particles then you would in a home. In order to effectively clean these areas, you will need powerful HEPA vacuums, floor scrubbers, carpet extractors and more. These pieces of equipment are expensive and require training before use. Failure to practice proper safety precautions and technique can result in damage to materials or the user.

Not to mention, commercial janitorial equipment is more expensive to maintain and purchase than normal everyday cleaning equipment.

2. Liability

Commercial cleaning can be fairly complex, and without the proper training or safety precautions there is a risk of getting seriously injured. For a company, we all know how detrimental it is to lose a team member due to an injury. Not only can the company be sued, it will cost the company in workman’s compensation, time and delayed progress on any projects or growth.The liability of a employee getting hurt is big enough on its own. But there is also huge risk for companies who fail to follow proper safety precautions & OSHA rules. Companies can be safety audited at any point and there are massive legal fee’s & fines for not being compliant. Safety is number one priority, so when working with moving equipment and hazardous chemicals, preparation and proper technique is essential. By hiring an office cleaning company, you are negating all of the risk of your employee getting hurt.

3. More Motivated, Productive And Efficient Employee’s

Very often, companies will delegate the office cleaning tasks to employees. This is not advised as in addition to the safety risks & upfront cost, you can decrease a team members morale and motivation to decrease. Office executives do not want to clean toilets or scrub floors, and delegating these cleaning tasks to them will only distract them from whats more important (their job). Not only will they be happier to not have to take care of it, their workspace will be more organized. Staying organized and neat will help them be more efficient because every morning they come in, their workspace will be prepared and ready to go. Employee’s will not rush to get the trash out, or clean the microwave, they can get to working on their main job immediately. Coming in to a cluttered or dirty office can make anybody feel flustered or overwhelmed. Now, your employee’s can begin the day with the right mindset.

4. More Thorough Cleaning

Having somebody clean the office in the daytime is great, however you will still not achieve the results you are looking for without someone to clean in the night. There are many cleaning tasks that cannot be carried out during the day with an occupied building.

If the building is occupied it is more difficult to:

  • Dust or disinfect personal areas
  • Use floor scrubber’s or mop thoroughly
  • Vacuum carpets (commercial vacuum’s are noisy)
  • Clean & disinfect bathrooms thoroughly thus creating unwanted odors and an unhealthy environment

With XCEL Janitorial, we come every evening needed without failure. This way your office is setup and ready to go for the morning. You can also be assured that your office not only looks clean, but is sanitary. We make the process so easy, that it just “gets done”. No hassle or overseeing required. XCEL Janitorial provides these office cleaning services to the Phoenix Metropolitan area. Give us a call and we can be in your office like clockwork.

5. Customer Experience & Presentation

Statistics show that 90% of customers and clientele will make their first impression of your company based on how organized and clean your office is. The cleanliness of your office can say a lot about your business. You can use this opportunity to make a great first impression or a bad one. Anything can mess up your schedule. By working with a commercial cleaning company, you are ensuring that your workspace will always be clean and presentable; regardless of any hiccup in the day you encounter. Most companies can also offer emergency commercial office cleaning services. Never worry about cleaning that office again.

6. There Is No Reason Not To

In addition to the reasons listed above, there is NO reason to not hire an office cleaning company. Hiring a commercial cleaning company can actually be more affordable then using your in-house staff and can save you thousands of dollars long term. Proper commercial cleaning companies have extensive employee vetting and screening processes, this way you can trust the people coming in to your office. With this said, there is essentially no reason why you shouldn’t use an office cleaning company. 

Same thing goes for hiring help with your house cleaning needs as well which can also save you extra time & energy to focus on your business, career & personal life goals. Check out our friends at Easyway Maids who provide house cleaning services in the Austin area.



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