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We can create a custom Office cleaning plan that is specific to the needs of your budget, facility, and schedule.

XCEL Janitorial only uses the utmost cleaning equipment , supplies, and training processes. One of our biggest priorities is ensuring the health and safety of your establishment and the people there. We do this by providing random inspections, and by following a in-depth maintenance system specifically developed by us.

When Using XCEL Janitorial, you can expect the best.  Offices, Warehouse's, Theatres, School housing, etc.
Regardless of the type of building, you are going to get an amazing cleaning.   We use the best industry equipment and techniques to make sure of this.

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The Best Office cleaning In Phoenix, AZ

Why Us

XCEL Janitorial provides high quality office cleaning and janitorial services to Phoenix, AZ and surrounding areas. We are a privately owned and operated company. We understand the responsibility we are given when selected as your janitorial service, and we take that very seriously.

Our main priority is to reach complete customer satisfaction. We reach that goal every time by cleaning how you want and when you want. We believe our flexibility and ability to design custom cleaning systems for our clients sets us apart from any other commercial cleaning provider.

XCEL Janitorial services cleans office facilities for many businesses in the Phoenix Metropolitan area. This includes but is not limited to:

Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale, Peoria, Glendale, Goodyear, Paradise Valley

  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • commitment To Satisfaction

Let us maintain your facility

Insured and bonded
Insured and bonded
Exquisite Training
Exquisite Training
High Quality Cleaning
High Quality Cleaning
First Class Customer Care
First Class Customer Care

Office Cleaning For All Facilities

· General Offices
· Multi Tenant Facilties
· Medical Offices
· Schools, Preschools and Daycares
· Auto Dealerships
· Retail / Shopping Centers
· Churches

If you don't see your type of facility and are unsure if we can service you,   please contact us for more information.

We only hire the best cleaning professionals. One of our biggest focuses is to make sure the job is done the right way the first time and every time. While most janitors will quit, our janitors thrive. That is because their success depends on their level of quality.

When Using our office cleaing services, you can expect:

✓ Increased Employee Productivity
✓ To Make the best first impression on potential clients
✓ A Safe and hygienic facility

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Superb Phoenix Office Cleaning & Janitorial Services

There is no doubt that keeping your office cleaned is on the to-do list of your business and we are the experts you should come too. We offer office cleaning phoenix to any type of business. Getting your facility professional cleaned ultimately will result in increased employee productivity, higher curb appeal to potential clients and customers, less illness related employee call outs and an overall safer, hygienic building.

We believe that in order to make an amazing impression on your clientele and your employees, you must be able to keep the office and work space environment as sanitary as possible. This includes the restrooms, break-rooms, office cubicles, entrances, etc. The problem is that most business owners don't have the time to do these simple tasks (as they take away time from things a business owner should be focusing on.

We know that a sanitary office is necessary, and we know that business owners don't have the time to be cleaning toilets. We have created a system that automates the cleaning process from setup to serving your place. This way you are able to walk into a freshly cleaned office every morning and get to work right away. We have done this by providing our clientele:

-Routine Inspections
- Monthly ATP Testing
- Geo-tracked Janitors

Our cleaners only use the best equipment (Brand new equipment is purchased for your facility), the best cleaning procedures and have the best management and support on board to make it happen the right way, every time. Our mission is to create the best office cleaning service that puts the customers needs in front of everything from the start. Know that when hiring XCEL Janitorial, we are very appreciative of the trust and responsibility given to us. We take that and return you with a complete and thorough job every time. This may seem like an over-exaggerated promise, but when you see the quality of our work, it will be crystal clear to you the level of passion and integrity we have.

We Create Custom Janitorial Service Plans. That is the biggest thing that puts us ahead of other providers in our sector. Anybody knows that office maitencance is no cookie cutter job and has to be applied differently to every business. We avoid missing anything and giving you the best cleaning by created a workflow plan that is specifically customized for your place. It outlines everything our cleaners will be doing for you, from the second they enter the building, all the way until they are locking up.

Year after year we have been able to provide above and beyond level services to the Phoenix Metropolitan area. We have gone above and beyond and raised the bar for everybody in the Janitorial Industry. With our combined industry knowledge, extensive equipment & procedures, and a drive to go the extra mile; we can say we are the best Office Cleaning Janitorial Service in Phoenix, Arizona.